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Working in Your Slippers: Is telecommuting right for you? Terry Pile
    Working in your Slippers offers a realistic perspective on the world of Telecommuting.  Individuals are encouraged to carefully consider their motives, temperament and consequences of working from home. In addition, this book offers helpful information on communicating with co-workers, managing family expectations and setting up a functional home office.  The aim is to help prospective telecommuters make an educated decision as to whether or not to opt for a telecommuting arrangement and how to make the most of it.  (A telecommuting temperament assessment is included.)To find our more go to
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The E-Manager: How to manage employees remotely, Terry Pile
     How do you manage an office without people?  The virtual office is becoming more common thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology.  Managing employees who work at home or other remote locations poses a new set of challenges for the manager of a mobile workforce.  This book is for managers, supervisors, team leaders and other professionals wanting to learn how to effectively manage employees who are dispersed geographically.  It includes a temperament assessment for the E-Manager, tools and techniques for managing remotely, building teams and trust long distance and managing/evaluating virtual employee performance. To find out more go to  Locate by title or author.

Creating a Virtual Office: 
How to set-up a Telecommuting Program for your Company, Terry Pile
     You’ve finally convinced top management of the advantages of a telecommuting program. Now it is your job to put one in place.  Where do you begin? This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the process of building a successful telecommuting program including: identifying telecommuting jobs, developing eligibility criteria, creating policies, promoting the program to managers and evaluating success. To help you get started, there are sample telecommuting applications and equipment check-out forms. A telecommuting temperament assessment is also included to help you determine which employees have what it takes to be a successful telecommuter. To find out more go to Locate by title or author.

Networking from the Inside Out, Terry Pile 
     Networking is a life skill that will enhance your personal and professional growth whether you are looking to advance in place or find a new employer. Networking from the Inside Out offers a solid approach to networking at your current place of employment for the purpose of meeting new people, developing a skill, changing positions or gaining a promotion.  Through self-exploration and practical exercises you will learn to hone your networking skills within your workplace.  The chapter on “10 Tips for Successful Networking” will help you avoid the mistakes of the “Networking Nabobs.”  As you become networking savvy, you will enrich your career from the inside out, as well as the value you bring to the workplace and your employer. To find out more go to Locate by title or author. 

Preparing for Retirement, Terry Pile
     Although many of us dream about retirement at some point in our careers, the act of leaving the world of work often takes us completely by surprise.  How should I structure my day? How will I stay productive?  What will happen to valued friendships and personal relationships?  Will everyone forget about me?
     Getting ready for retirement is not unlike preparing for a career.  It requires assessing strengths, interests and values, researching appropriate options and creating an action plan.  The exercises are introspective and the approach is strategic.  It offers concrete planning tools and resources to assist older workers in preparing for emotional fulfillment during one of the most exciting and rewarding times of their lives. To find out more go to by title or author.

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