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Changing Careers After 40: Real Stories, New Callings,

Terry Pile & David Lingle

What motivates a popular talk show host to quit his career and become an auctioneer?

Why does an ambitious ad exec abandon her successful business to become a healing coach?

How does an IBM employee leave her comfortable 27 year career to start a pet sitting service?

     If you are considering a career change, you will want to read these stories of successful career changers. They will boost your confidence in making a change and excite your thinking as to the possibilities.

     The end notes provide practical guidelines for navigating transition and suggested resources that will help you to focus your research. Most  importantly, this book will reassure you that no matter what your age, there is very little difference between obstacles and opportunities once you are open to change.

Finding A Job After Losing Your Way: Stories of successfully employed ex-offenders  Terry Pile  

     Everyone makes mistakes. If the mistake lands you in prison, it can negatively affect your ability to find employment for years to come. This book is about ex-offenders who have overcome the stigma of their criminal backgrounds to find sustainable employment.
     Finding A Job After Losing Your Way is a collection of victory stories of 11 individuals. Each profile is followed by end-notes offering advice and effective strategies for finding employment when you can’t pass a background check. In this book you will meet:
Grif, a bank robber whose biggest fear was being unable to find employment after 10 years in prison and left with the only option to return to illegal activities.
Gillian, a former paralegal who went to prison for a highly publicized, white collar crime. Upon release, she was sure she could get a job in criminal law, having experienced both sides of the legal system. She was thwarted at every attempt.
David, a black man who grew up in poverty and had a criminal record by 8th grade. He is now a mental health counselor and community activist, rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential people in Seattle.
    Finding employment after being convicted of a crime is one of the most difficult steps ex-offenders take to reclaim their dignity and establish themselves as productive members of their communities. This book will serve as a guide and inspiration.

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I Didn't Know That! Essential Advice for Finding Better Jobs

and Changing Careers, Terry Pile

     Looking for a better job or a new career but don't know where to start? I Didn't Know That will kick-start your motivation and provide direction to change your job status.

     Finding satisfying employment has never been easy, but it's increasingly difficult in the digital age where key word resumes and online applications are the norm. This collection of articles offers strategic advice for planning a successful job finding campaign that will help you rise above the competition.

     Divided into five sections, Chapter I focuses on goal setting and personal branding. Chapter II offers advice on maximizing your job search tools including resumes and cover letters. Chapter III suggests alternate strategies to applying for a job online. Don't want a 9 to 5 job? Chapter IV covers options to traditional employment. The final chapter discusses a range of subjects from telecommuting to job retraining to make the most of being a "trailing spouse."

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Playing the Job-Finding Game: A rule book for ex-offenders,

Terry Pile

     Having a criminal record can make finding a job an insurmountable challenge...unless you know the rules of the game. Playing the Job-finding Game offers a strategic approach to obtaining employment regardless of past transgressions. It is based on advice of veteran career counselor, Terry Pile, and the collective wisdom of hundreds of ex-offenders she has successfully coached.

     This book will help you ~ think like an employer ~ identify marketable skills ~ develop a game plan ~ craft effective resumes and cover letters ~ select appropriate job finding strategies ~ respond to difficult interview questions ~ score a new job.

     Filled with how-to advice, examples and success stories, Playing the Job-finding Game will help anyone who can't pass a background check come out a winner.

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